ManneDesign Newport 5T Antique Brown Burst

ManneDesign Newport 5T Antique Brown Burst

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ManneDesign Newport 5T Antique Brown Burst

The ManneDesign Newport 5T is a fivestring bass with active electronics. Its design is inspired by Andrea Ballarins Custom Shop bass instruments of the Italian factory Manne. It is comfortable to play up to the necks highest frets through its clever construction. Two different pickups are responsible for the tone of the bass. The ManneDesign Jazz Bass pickups  in conjunction with the mahogany body, give a bass-heavy sound. There is a ManneDesign humbucker at the bridge. It has a slight emphasis on the high mids. If it’s played on its top in fingerstyle with resting thumb, the sound get a slight vintage tint. With the Pan control the overall sound from both pu:s can be continuously blended into each other. With a two-band active EQ, the sound can also be adjusted. If the bass pot is turned to the left, there is an aggressively-donating sound. 

The sound is not undifferentiated, even at maximum emphasis on the bass. The treble pot allows  nuanced accents or reductions in the presences. The deep timbre of the instrument is very good for rock, metal and related musical styles. The material quality and processing of the bass is very good. The one-piece mahogany body and solid flamed maple top have an uniform grain. A thin black Binding completes the elegant design. The clear lacquer on the Canadian Rock Maple neck fits tightly and without noticeable gaps in its version. It is connected to four Torx screws fixed to the body. It is noticeable that the front connecting screws do not directly screw into the neck. They engage in a metal plate that is screwed to the neck and extends deeper into the body than the neck itself. Developed by Manne this system guarantees maximum strength. Moreover, in this way a very short part of the neck is fitted into the body. Thus, the bass can be played comfortably and smoothly even at the highest frets. 

The neck has a 34? scale with a rosewood fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets. The neck is relatively thin and well suited for bass players with shorter fingers. Both ManneDesign pickups work almost hum-free. The closed diecast tuners grip very well and ensure a good tonal sustain. The covered access to the truss rod tension is on the headstock. The factory fitted D’Addario XL strings terminate in a classic, four-screw bass bridge. The strings height can be adjusted on the riders. The right tools for all adjustments are included. 

ManneDesign NEWPORT 5 T Antique Brown Burst:

Mannedesign Newport basses are built under our "harmonic globalization" concept, resulting in very high quality but affordable instruments. 

  • - Mahogany Body 
  • - Flame maple top 
  • - Bolt-on maple neck 
  • - Rosewood fretboard 
  • - MM bridge alnico and neck J ceramic Pickups 
  • - Active circuit: volume, balance, bass, treble 
  • - Colour: 2 Tone Sunburst



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