Tinypedals The Holy Blue Fuzz, lakkausvirhe.

Tinypedals The Holy Blue Fuzz, lakkausvirhe.

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Tinypedals with huge sound

All pedals are 100% handmade in the forests just outside Gävle, Sweden. Quality construction in very small batches with Hammond aluminum boxes and Switchcraft phone jacks. I build these by hand with joy and with quality parts.
/ Magnus

The Holy Blue Fuzz

The Holy Blue Fuzz is a soft, plump and dark fuzz with a relatively bold fuzz tone. The sound can be described as an offspring from the Super Fuzz and Tubescreamer, a lovely combination. A nice somewhat controlled fuzz that can go from low to burst the more massive fuzz and sustain that hangs in a long time. Suits well for fat chord playing or fuzzy tones to riff / solo-styled playing. Fitted with a well trimmed (NOS) Germanium transistor.

Powered by battery or standard 9V boss-type adapter.

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