GURUS Brivido 100w 3-channel

GURUS Brivido 100w 3-channel

  • Valmistaja: Gurus amps
  • Tuotekoodi: GU-BR100
  • Saatavuus: 9-14 pv
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GURUS Brivido, The Supercharged Amp

“BRIVIDO” is the first of a products range that will be unified under the same concept.

“Brivido” take his name from the emotion we felt on its first hearing.. we could translate it as “Thrill” or “Shiver”, something you can feel when music or tone are able to touch your soul and expand your creativity.
We took inspiration from an idea of the 60’ era, where some crazy engineer designed tube power modules for Juke-box and live clubs. Made by few EL34 running in a very higher voltage than any others. Restoring many of these old modules, we found it a very good idea to be applied in a modern guitar amp, with some mods to increase his performances and safety as well.
But this idea let us reach some of the most important results of our career, creating something can be defined as the “holy grail” of guitar amps. It works with just the double of dynamic range of any other existing amp, and you can feel it under your fingers. It can generate unbelievable power by only 2 tubes, more than 100W RMS, moreover, it sounds totally in the same way at any volume level, offering the best guitar tones you already know, but with unexpected dynamic, touch response and so easy to play.
And this is the aim that all manufacturers has tried to achieve for many years. We made it as a three channel amp head, to let you try its incredible possibilities in every application.  You wouldn’t believe the dynamic of a “Brivido” until you'll not tried out one

Brivido Guru’s Signature 100W 3channel is the first amp of the Brivido line, that will be followed by a Classic Vintage-Look Single channel head, and a Combo in next months.

The undeniable advantages of this kind of innovative Amp, will be made available to all kind of musicians, with different needs.. and they finally will be able to keep their own tone from their bedroom to the big stage, in every situations.

Technical Specs:

Supply voltage 800 / 400 volts
Common grid No. 2 resistor (without decoupling) 750 ohms
Grid No. 1 bias -39 volts
Grid No. 3 voltage 0 volts
Input voltage 0 - 23.4 volts (rms)
Load resistance, plate to plate 11,000 ohms
Plate supply voltage 800 volts
Plate voltage 775 volts
Grid No. 2 supply voltage 400 volts
Plate current 22 x 91mA
Grid No. 2 current 2 x 19 mA
Max. signal power output 100 Watts
Total harmonic distortion +/- 5 %
Temperature 197° celsius
Av. Tube lifetime 3000+ hours
Main Power: 100/110/230V - 50Hz
Power Consumption: 300W
Output Power: 100W RMS INTO 4/8/16 OHM (19Vp TO 4 OHM - 28Vp TO 8 OHM - 39Vp TO 16 OHM)
Amplifier Class: A/B
Instrument input 1 impedance: < 1M OHM
Instrument input 2 impedance: < 100K OHM
Channels gain: CH1 MAX 40db CH2 MAX 80db CH3 MAX 140db
Solo gain: MAX + 8db
Ch1 Tone Stack: HIGH SHELF 2500Hz (HI IMPEDANCE)
Ch 2/3 Tone Stack: BASS 110Hz - MIDDLE 780Hz - TREBLE 2500Hz (LO IMPEDANCE)
Presence: HIGH SHELF 5500Hz
Fixed Resonance (internal trim): +3db AT 110Hz
FX Loop:  
Send Level: MAX 1Vpp AT <100K OHM
Return Level: MAX 1Vpp AT < 100K OHM
Serial/Parallel mode: PURE SERIAL OR 50% PARALLEL
Analog Footswitches outs: 3 X ON/ON Switches for all functions
Midi Storable Functions: CH1 - CH2 - CH3 - and Solo for each channels - Mute
Midi setting: OMNIMODE
Midi Phantom Power: 9VDC 500mA (PHANTOM PWR TO PIN 3)
Output Tubes: 2X6CA7/EL34B
Preamp Tubes: 5X12AX7B/ECC83
Power Fuse: 100/117V - 3,15A SLO-BLO
Internal LO Voltage Fuse: 3,15A SLO-BLO
Internal HT Voltage Fuse: 0.5A SLO-BLO
Dimensions: 540X240X200mm.
Weight: 15Kg

The BRIVIDO Output stage concept

The “Brivido” Technology is based on a High Voltage level working Output stage, this offer Bigger Dynamic, bigger headroom, and higher performances so noticeable as touch response. Moreover, this technology includes a Bias circuit that keeps stable the entire output stage, with lower working temperatures of power tubes, extending their life.
So, Brivido in three words:
  • More Power from just 2 tubes
  • More Dynamic & Headroom
  • Better performances at any volume

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