Jad&Frèer Lead Channel, tube. Käytetty

Jad&Frèer Lead Channel, tube. Käytetty

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Jad&Freer Lead Channel, tube. Demoyksilö.

With this pedal You can cover sounds ranging from rock to extreme metal. The strong point is its dynamic ... it can roar like a tiger with very thorough levels of gain, but bleating like a lamb when, with the same settings, you lower the volume of the guitar, allowing the transition from a violent lead to a harmonious clean.

The heart of this pedal is a 12AX7 (ECC83) tube, easily interchangeable, fed to the same cirquit as of a pre-amplifier, why it does not fear comparisons with the lead channel of the upper middle class amplifiers.
The effect has the classic three passive tones (high medium and low) and a contour control very useful for sculpting the final sound.
The latter is used to recreate the timeless two types of excavation on the mids: turning the potentiometer to the right break down the mid-high frequencies, while the left lower middle ones, thus giving life to the typical sound of UK or US.
BASS: passive filter on the low frequencies, acting the same way the bass adjustment on a tube amp
MID: passive filter mid-frequency, it acts the same way as the average adjustment on a tube amp
TREBLE: passive filter high frequency, it acts in the same way as the treble adjustment on a tube amp
CONTOUR: passive control over the medium, it serves as the attenuator function. If you set it to the right will go to easing part of the medium-high, generating typical sounds of the '80s; when set to the extreme left will go to easing part of the low-mid, producing more modern sounds
VOL: Adjusts the volume output effected
GAIN: adjusts the gain (saturation) effect

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