Green TL Stone Age - Master Series

Green TL Stone Age - Master Series

  • Valmistaja: Green Guitars
  • Tuotekoodi: GR-TLSA-MS
  • Saatavuus: 2-4 Vrk
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Green TL Stone Age - Master Series

Green TL Stone Age is part of our Master Series which contains our most expensive guitars. Here we don't talk mass production. The guitars are built in our Custom Shop with the passion of a few skilled and experienced guitar builders. The wood material is handpicked for both appearance and tone. Pickups, these are among the best you can put in a guitar. All components are upgraded in relation to our other series.

Green TL Stone Age is a unique telecaster. We have chosen Lundgren Heaven 57 P.A.F. humbuckers in the neck position and a Lundgren Vertigo in the bridge position. The humbucker has a nickel cap - a feature that give an extra bonus visually!. Sonically, it has a unique PU combination that gives the guitar a very wide range of different sounds. And much better pickups are not around. Lundgren knows his business and knows the guitars.
Regarding the Heaven 57 P.A.F. Lundgren has had a number P.A.F. microphones from the late 50s and analyzed the design and sound. Lundgren has put an enormous detail work on the microphone to get the right sound with American thread in the pole screws, wooden spacer in the bobbin, plain enamel wire and nickelsilver baseplate. Perhaps the greatest significance the special Alnicomagnete have, that gives the microphone its pleasant woody soundcharacter. We think the guitar sounds wonderful with pickup selector set in the neck pickup position - very rich and warm sound.
For the bridge the choice was Vertigo Bridge. Lundgren analyzed a pickup from 1952. He uses the same type of magnets and the winding wire that were used in 1950 - 1954. There are more iron in the magnets causing an inductance increase and a punchig midrange boost is evident. There is plenty of twang as well, but the sound is not as sharp as in many modern Tele guitars. It has got a great vintage tone that is among the best we've heard.
The ash and maple woods for the body and neck comes from North America. Both wood species have a brilliant trebly tone with long sustain. It gives the TL Green Stone Age's typical sound of a vintage character. A stylish addition to this guitar is the classic Butterscotch Blonde finish ( + relic ). The neck has a D-profile, neither thin or thick, it is right there nicely in Your hand. The back of the neck is coated with matt lacquer - easy to play and quick.
Green TL Stone Age Relic - the relic works are made of Sonnemo Guitars - one of Sweden's best relicer. It not only looks worn out - it becomes even more comfortable to play on. The neck is absolutely wonderful. It is almost completely pure woods in the surface - what a great feeling. Our guitar Panel was quite lyrical when they tried this guitar.
Body of ash, D- neck hard maple.
Width of nut 42.5 mm, the first fret, thickness 21 mm, width 43 mm, 12th fret, thickness 22.5 mm, width 51 mm, 25.5 " scale, 22 medium jumbo frets, sealed tuners,
Pickups: Lundgren Heaven 57 humbucker and Lundgren Vertico Tele, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 3-way pickup selector.
Hardware in chrome. Weight 3.7 kg. Color: Blonde Butterscoth, optional relic finish

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