Artesound Drive20 head

Artesound Drive20 head

  • Valmistaja: Artesound
  • Tuotekoodi: AR-DR20
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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Artesound Drive20 head

Two Channel Head, 22W with 6V6, 35W with 5881 or EL34 
Hand wired p2p on eyelet board.
The Drive20 amplifiers features a custom transformer, with fixed bias system.
The Drive20 head has two channels: Clean and Overdrive  


- AB1, fixed bias

- Power output: 22W-35W

- Controls: Volume, Treble, Midle, Bass, Drive, Level, Master, Presence

- Bright switch, Normal/overdrive front panel switch and foot-switch

- Serial-Parallel fx loop with send e return level

- 4/8/16 ohm speker output

- Pentode/Triode switch

- Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7

- FX Loop driver/recovery 12AT7

- Power Tubes: 2-6V6 or 5881 or EL34

- Dimensions 54cm, 26cm, 26cm,

- Weight 10Kg.

- Eyelet board construction

- Custom designed transformers

- Hand selected caps and resistor

- Belton tube sockets

- Solid wood hand built cabinet or Pine hand built cabinet (tolex version)

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