Gurus 5015 head, 50w

Gurus 5015 head, 50w

  • Valmistaja: Gurus amps
  • Tuotekoodi: G5015
  • Saatavuus: 9-14 pv
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Gurus 5015 50W head, intelligent Tube Guitar Amp

5015 is our Single Channel + iChannel™ 50W head in a lunchbox size. Thanks to its easy 3 controls you can sculpt your tone to reach best performances in every situations, from your home to a big stage. You can obtain a totally clean sound with lot of headroom to use as a platform for your pedals rig, and/or choose to get it to compression of both stages, preamp or power section using its separate controls volume and master to obtain stunning vintage or modern tone.

With the SexyTone™, you can manage the EQ curve of your amp simply with a single knob which works on 3filters simultaneously, moving the entire tone-stack curve for best result and as a fine tuning of your final tone, matching the right cab etc..
It is equipped by a tube buffered Serial loop and has 3 out on 4,8 and 16Ohms.
Stunning tone with the highest transportability of its category.

SexyTone advantages:

• Single control, simple and effective.
• High spatial and richness in sound details
• Improved reading and easier search of their sound with a pedal setup.


AC Consumption max 114 Watt su 110/220Vac
Power 50 Watt @ 4,8,16Ohm
S/N Ratio 82dB
Power section config. class “AB” Push-pull
Speakers impedance 4,8,16 Ohm
Normal In < 1M Ohm
iChannel In < 10K Ohm – 100mVpp
Send level < 100K Ohm – 1Vpp
Return level < 100K Ohm – 1Vpp
Dimensions 290x220x160mm.
Weight 7Kg.
Preamp tubes 2x12AX7/ECC83
Power tubes 2x5881/6L6GC


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