GS Custom Keope, handmade

GS Custom Keope, handmade

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GS Custom Keope, handmade

The Keope is the perfect guitar for the professional musicians and not, modern and elegant design with structural improvements that allow the instrument to be more in tune, comfortable and balanced Very versatile, it plays like dream for rock, pop and fusion.

This guitar was built for blues / rock, great response on medium-low frequency with single coil pickups style TexasSpecial that tend to very high frequencies. Great sustain and fealing, comfortable and balanced. It is a modern but with a vintage sound style

Body: Ash
Top: Malaysian blackwood
Neck: Maple
FretBoard: Ziricote
Diapason: 25.5"
Pickups: Vignoni pickups (Italian handmade pickups)
Bridge: Wilkinson
Tuners: Locking Machine Heads


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