RedPlate Savoy

RedPlate Savoy

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RedPlate Savoy

Need the “stack tone” without the stack?
The Savoy does the rock thing in the smallest footprint possible.

This all tube amplifier lets you switch between 3 and 4 gain stages with touch response second to none.  The Savoy features a dual gain preamp, a fully buffered effects loop and an EL-34 output section. Your ears will love the tone and your back will love the lightweight portability of this grab ‘n go sized 17” wide package.

Preamp Features:
        • Volume and Gain (1) – Lets you go from British clean to crunch (3 gain stages).
        • Lead and Gain (2) – Starts at crunch and continues to soaring sustain (4 gain stages).
 Other Features:
  • Pedal Friendly input.
  • Depth control sets the effective frequencies of the presence circuit for cabinet tuning.
  • Presence – Works in conjunction with the depth to add sparkle to the top end frequencies.
  • Effects Loop – fully buffered all tube loop that works with both pedals and rack effects.
  • Footswitch – The foot switch lets you choose 3 gain stages or 4 gain stages on the fly.  
  • 50 Watt/18 Watt power switch

     Available as a Head or 1x12 Combo.    

What People are saying:
"For those who have been fortunate to play a Redplate amp, we know these are very special, hand wired, detailed oriented boutique amps. Henry met me at his shop on a Sunday (9/21/14) and I put a new el-34 hot rodded british flavor -called the "Savoy" thru its paces. This amp just makes you feel good inside. It's what marshalls are to sound like. I mean the real good ones I only hear on classic albums. Thick, juicy, stringy, sustain for ever. Really really good! It is 50w (&18w switchable) dual channel (lead) head or combo. Redplate makes unbelievable stuff!"  - Garnett on the GearPage


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