Tinypedals Rymdklang Mk II

Tinypedals Rymdklang Mk II

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Tinypedals with huge sound

All pedals are 100% handmade in the forests just outside Gävle, Sweden. Quality construction in very small batches with Hammond aluminum boxes and Switchcraft phone jacks. I build these by hand with joy and with quality parts.
/ Magnus

Rymdklang Reverb  MKII 

- Vintage Spring Reverb Simulator
Rymdklang Reverb simulates an old spring reverb, and is built around a small Belton Accutronics reverb module. Sounds soft and organic, just like an old spring reverb. Absolutely perfect to use for an old tubeamp that lack built-in reverb.
Powered by battery or standard 9V boss-type adapter.

Rymdklang Reverb Features

  • Standard 9vDC (center pin negative, BOSS style DC jack)
  • Orange LED indicator
  • Hammond 1590BB enclosure, Size 119x94x30 mm
  • Switchcraft jacks.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Sweden

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