Tinypedals Breaking Bad OD

Tinypedals Breaking Bad OD

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Tinypedals with huge sound

All pedals are 100% handmade in the forests just outside Gävle, Sweden. Quality construction in very small batches with Hammond aluminum boxes and Switchcraft phone jacks. I build these by hand with joy and with quality parts.
/ Magnus

Breaking Bad OD

Breaking Bad Overdrive is my refinement of the classic Tube Screamer pedal. A lot's changed in the circuit, including the OP of a more "expensive" kind and with a wonderfully crisp character. It is mounted in the base and can be easily replaced if you want to try and look for Your own favorite. Tone control has been replaced by Bite control which acts as a filter of the high range. Bite regulates how much sprakle and scream at the top you want. Another addition is the Blend control that regulates how much of the guitar signal crossing through the effect or not. Maybe you have a nice basic audio and / or amplifier you just want to add that little extra to go all the way. Blend gives you opportunities to do this and is a very useful and fun feature.

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