Shadow SH Sonic Doubleplay pick-up

Shadow SH Sonic Doubleplay pick-up

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In the early 1970's Shadow launched the world's first dual pickup system. The Doubleplay combined a magnetic and undersaddle pickup and it represented the best acoustic amplification system available at this time. 30 years later Shadow has achieved this musical feat again: Shadow has designed a dual pickup system representing the best acoustic amplification on the market. The Sonic Doubleplay combines a Nanoflex pickup in the bridge and the NanoMAG in the fingerboard giving unbelievably rich and clear sound that no other pickup system can match! Shadow`s soundhole fitted preamps are designed for sonic clarity, ease of installation and preservation of your instrument. 

Because Sonic preamps are installed into the soundhole there is no need to cut a hole in the bout/frame of the guitar. The heart of Sonic Doubleplay is its blend control. With the blend control you can mix the Nanoflex pickup in the bridge and the magnetic NanoMAG at the fingerboard. This gives you an incredible range of different sounds and colors for your individual playing. NanoMAG is a small size magnetic pickup that fits at the end of the fingerboard. It is the only pickup of this kind on the market which provides an acoustic sound, but can also produce sweet blues or jazz sounds. It is very resistant to feedback and has incredible dynamics. NanoMAG is a breakthrough in magnetic pickup technology that outperforms all the rest.   When Nanoflex technology was born it opened the window to the beatiful world of natural guitar sound reproduction. 

Only Nanoflex pickups sense the vibrations of the strings and the movements of the soundboard simultaneously. The sound is sweet and percussive with exact attack. This gives the feeling of having a microphone mixed with an undersaddle pickup. The tone potentiometer controls the overall sound colour. Phase switch inverts the signal and cancels the overall feedback. The battery LED will turn on when the battery is low and battery should be replaced within 30 minutes. To exchange the batteries push the left and right clip gently together and pull out the battery holder. The complete system is extremely light and weighs less than a 9V battery other preamps work with.

  • soundhole fitted preamp with phase invert switch, volume, blend & tone control
  • easy installation
  • easy battery access (2 x 3V batteries)
  • incl. active Nanoflex pickup
  • incl. NanoMAG fingerboard pickup
  • incl. endpin connection
  • extremely light system
  • Battery life: 180 h

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