Brave Raptor 50W head

Brave Raptor 50W head

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The Brave Raptor 50 watt head

The Brave Raptor 50 watt head has two channels, rhythm and overdrive, and has two EL34 valves that keep well for large excursions of clean gainTimbre is very close to the old Vox AC30 but its main feature is perhaps the ability to get all sorts of shades suitably moving the tone controlsThis versatility background can not be explained at the expense of quality: the Raptor is not a mediocre amplifier which is fine for roughly everything, but it has a very recognizable sound and full of characterThe transformers are excellent and oversizedas is evident by the sensitivity of the picking.

In essence this amp has the qualities of mid wattage (ie, allows a very good clean sound headroom), but still You can obtain good crunch immediately by striking hard with the pick. By adjusting the gain you can get the very full-bodied clean that strains when you hit the "plec" with strength. This feature is also the same in the dist channel where the sound turns into a beautiful clean striking the strings lightly!

The drive channel is very pleasant and versatileRaising the gain can be obtained with ease sounds compressed and sharp is no spaceand no doubt you can come up with interesting shades The available gain is plenty enough for metal music!! SPECIFICATIONS: All-Tube Amp: 50watt 2 tubes EL34 (power amp), 4 tubes 12AX7 (preamp) Dimensions: 47x22x22 cm. 2 Channels Preamp: Rhythm: Gain, Master, Overdrive: Gain, Master, EQ: Treble, Bass, Middle, Presence Impedance:4-8-16 Ohm Slave Out - Footswitch channel: (RHYTHM/OVERDRIVE Selection) - FX Loop: Serial, all tube buffer circuit design VDE. AC Socket with spare fuse inside. Include Raptor carrying bag

Made In Italy

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