Artesound Drive20 head

Artesound Drive20 head

  • Valmistaja: Artesound
  • Tuotekoodi: AR-DR20
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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Artesound Drive20 head

Two Channel Head, 22W with 6V6, 35W with 5881 or EL34 
Hand wired p2p on eyelet board.
The Drive20 amplifiers features a custom transformer, with fixed bias system.
The Drive20 head has two channels: Clean and Overdrive 


AB1, fixed bias

Power output: 22W-35W

Controls: Volume, Treble, Midle, Bass, Drive, Level, Master, Presence

Bright switch, Normal/overdrive front panel switch and foot-switch

Serial-Parallel fx loop with send e return level

4/8/16 ohm speker output

Pentode/Triode switch 

Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7

FX Loop driver/recovery 12AT7

Power Tubes: 2-6V6 or 5881 or EL34

Dimensions 54cm, 26cm, 26cm,

Weight 10Kg.

Eyelet board construction

Custom designed transformers

Hand selected caps and resistor

Belton tube sockets 

Solid wood hand built cabinet or Pine hand built cabinet (tolex version) 

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