RedPlate RP50R

RedPlate RP50R

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The new 2014 RP series finally answers the “Blackface or Tweed” argument.

The RP series combines the BlackVerb and BluesMachine models into the most versatile amplifier on the market today. Cover the old school "edge of breakup" tones with the Tweed channel or switch to the Blackface channel to experience the most musical "pristine" cleans ever.  The RP series also features an overdrive section that lets you imitate the aggressive rock solo tones or the smoother fusion lead tones. These amps have touch sensitivity second to none so you can go from rhythm to lead by lightening your attack or reducing the guitar volume.

The RP50R sets a new standard of versatility for the player that needs to cover all styles in all venue sizes. The RP50R is a pedal friendly platform that gives the player the ability to switch between the legendary clean tones of a blackface-style preamp or the touch sensitive break up of a 50’s tweed preamp. The newly improved flexible overdrive section can be set for anything from British crunch to smooth endless sustain. The all-tube fully buffered effects loop is perfect for your time based effects. The RP50R adds a tube driven spring reverb to the package.  

Comes complete with a 4 button footswitch for Tweed (channel), Drive, Boost and Mid Boost.
Available as a Head or Combo in either the RP50 or RP50R version.


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