ManneDesign DFR- Dreadnought

ManneDesign DFR- Dreadnought

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ManneDesign DFR Series

The ManneDesign instruments are build with our "harmonic globalization" idea to offer good quality instruments. We offer four traditional shapes to suit your style: Dreadnought, Grand concert, Orchestra, Orchestra special. Four models, four different sound styles to match your own.

ManneDesign DFR with a solid spruce top offers a voluminous, wiry sound character in interaction with the back and sides made​ of solid rosewood. When the guitar is played the results are very harmonious, a balanced sound with moderate volume and balanced presence. The frequency spectrum of the instrument is perfectly matched. Neither bass nor treble are pronounced, which makes for a very cohesive sound of the guitar. For open chords each note is differentiated very clearly. This benefited the sound of the long-lasting vibration behavior of the body, which becomes noticeable when playing solo and fingerstyle. For the accompaniment with vocals, other stringed instruments and quieter percussion the volume is sufficient.
The playability of the guitar is very good even up to higher positions. The profile of the painted neck is optimal and give the hand a very good grip .
Material quality and workmanship give no cause for criticism at all. All parts fits cleanly and the paint job is executed very exactly. The bindings give the guitar a noble look, the pickguard prevents playing scratches on the solid spruce top.

Common features:

DFR Dreadnought 

Solid Sitka spruce top 

Back & sides solid rosewood

Fretboard / Bridge Rosewood 

One-piece mahogany neck

Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) option


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