Manne Malibu 4 Gloss Special - Burled Poplar Top

Manne Malibu 4 Gloss Special - Burled Poplar Top

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Manne Malibu 4 Gloss Special - Burled Poplar Top - Honey Brown Burst

All handmade Manne guitars and basses will convince You both on stage and in the Studio by their unique sound and impressive and convincing looks. Manne offers musical possibilities and expression without limits. One of the feature that sports the Manne production is the neck/body jointer, a system that allow the neck to be installed very near the body edge without the need of a heel, giving a great access and a solid connection. We applied this system with the result of a unique upper frets access up to the 24 fret. Manne quality neck provide fast and precise playability, commonly considered one of the best necks on the markets. 
The resin fretboard on the instrument gives a clear response with much character, without Deadnotes over the entire fretboard.

"The Malibu bass is simply a great combination of classic design and modern playability and sound. This is an amazing instrument that I am sure can bring together with a smile : vintage instruments lovers and boutique aficionados !!! It looks like it’s 1960 again and it feels and sound like it’s 2010. It feels solid and sturdy, every note is perfectly balanced and its playability is almost ridiculous, what more could you ask from a bass? That it plays by itself ?....well, with this one, we’re almost there!" Fabrizio Grossi, L.A. musician and producer.

  • Honey Brown Burst
  • Burled Poplar Top
  • Body: Korina (mahogany)
  • Neck: Threaded, ash striped, multi-laminate
  • Fretboard: Resin F, very stable, no Deadnotes
  • Pickups: 2 Alnico V MANNE Singlecoils
  • Bridge: Wilkinson with traditional brass saddles
  • Tuners: Wilkinson
  • Hardware: chrome
  • Finish: high gloss Honey Burst
  • Handmade in Italy


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