MAMA Tele Runner bridge

MAMA Tele Runner bridge

  • Valmistaja: MAMA pickups
  • Tuotekoodi: MA-TRUN-B
  • Saatavuus: 5-8 vrk
99,50€ Veroton: 80,24€

MAMA Tele Runner bridge

Alnico 5 magnets and a great number of windings for the maximum push in a real Telecaster® single coil. Powerful attack, thick lows exceptional sustain. Retains brightness and definition even with the harshest distortion. The tapped coil has two different power outputs.The intermediate output is right for mellower rhythmic patterns and blues sounds. Scatterwound in polysol.

rock - fusion - blues - pop

alnico 5 bridge 8.2k - 14.4kk, 

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