Manne Guitar Blade Mini pickup

Manne Guitar Blade Mini pickup

  • Valmistaja: Manne Guitars
  • Tuotekoodi: 75906
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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Manne Blades Minihumbuckers and Humbuckers

These pick-ups are hand-wound directly on the blade rather than on bobbins. This gives the pickup an extraordinary sensitivity to playing nuances. The tone is more “musical” and highlights your touch with great dynamic extension. The two coils can be connected in series or parallel, giving you two calibrated sounds: a fatter and warm sound when connected in serias and a brighter, sharper sound when in parallel. Compared to the usual split/coil, the series-parallel wiring always use both coils, so it will always perform noise cancellation, being in humbucking mode in both cases.

- SBD-BLK Humbucker
- minihumbucker

- serial/parallel switchable

Resistance 11.7K  
Inductance 2.3 H  
Reference tone chart:   signal
Bass 80hz 10
Mid low 500hz 10
Mid 1khz 10
Mid hi 2khz 10
Treble 8 khz 8


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