Manne Falcon SB custom, hi-gloss brownburst

Manne Falcon SB custom, hi-gloss brownburst

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Manne Falcon SB, custom handmade

Manne factory owner Andrea Ballarins comments: 

"I designed the guitar in the spring of 2006, at the time a partnership with Eko started. The guitar was supposed to be the flagship of Italian historic brand revitalization and foreign market approach. So it had features and a design that resembled the ‘60’s-‘70’s era of funny weird Italian guitars, but with new spices that took the idea into present days, using some “Manneized” features and an uncommon but sexy 4 single-pickup layout activated by individual on-off switches. 

This New Falcon made last month in the Manne shop in Italy uses classic materials including a korina body with maple and laminate neck. A new addition was a headstock requested by the client that matched the Falcon Bass, a slightly bigger version of our classic 6 inline headstock. The original Falcon headstock was 3+3 almost symmetric headstock. The new headstock is good looking ! Bindings were requested both on body and headstock. A more classic 3-singlecoil layout and Vs300 bridge was chosen. Being precise, it has one mini-humbucker at bridge and 2 single-coils.

So I did a new thing on this guitar, a routing technique I recently perfected for single-coil pickups that can accept both single-coils and mini-humbuckers, with same type of routing from the top. The trapeze classic single coil base has room to slip under the wood edge without the need of an awkward looking large routing from top."

Remember, when ordering a specific Manne Guitar for Yourself, You can freely choose components and additional work from the option list!
With our neck/body joint system, the shape of the body allow more upper frets accessibility with a sleek profile. One of the feature that sports the Manne production is the neck/body jointer, a system that allow the neck to be installed very near the body edge without the need of a heel, giving a great access and a solid connection.
We applied this system with the result of a unique upper frets access. Manne quality neck provide fast and precise playability, commonly considered one of the best necks on the markets.

- Korina Body

- Wilkinson Vs300 tremolo bridge

- Wilkinson Tuners

- Alnico V pick-ups +Manneblade minihumbucker in bridge pos

- Reduced thickness resin fretboad neck, maple neck with laminate core

- Asymmetrical neck shaping

- Angled headstock

- Direct bolt on body (no steel plate on back of body)

- Multichambered body on the bodies with tops

Available with AlnicoV vintage pick-ups, or with our twin blade double sound minihumbucker controlled by push/pull pot(s) that give series/parallel/split connections.

- 22 (6110 Dunlop) jumbo frets.
- 647,7mm scale (25,5?).
- 400mm fretboard radius (15,75?).
- Nut width: 43mm (1?11/16)
- String spacing at bridge: W:10,8mm; F:10,6mm
- Thin “F resin” fretboard to give a precise attack without dead notes (info).
- Double way working truss-rod steel bar, allows favorite neck relief adjustment.
- Hardened multi laminated neck, made up with 0,8mm. thick wood plies.
- Asymmetrical (helicoidal) neck shape for comfortable playing .
- Satin finish on body and satin finish on the neck or hi-gloss finish for the specified models.
- Nickel plated Steel wound MANNE strings.
- Tilted back headstock, one piece with the neck.
- Natural or see-through color available.
- MANNE pickups as standard
- All wrenches and tools included with instruction notes on basic adjustment.

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