VDL Distorsore Mk2

VDL Distorsore Mk2

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VDL Distorsore

Higher gain levels of VDL distortions, inspired by the historical saturations of english amplifiers. Bishop of a war against mosquito distortion, it maintain its sound quality with amplifiers and guitars of any kind. Inspired by the historical saturations of english amplifiers, Il Distorsore can reproduce three different final valve stages, from which it is possible to obtain different distortion kinds.

Clipping 1: strong and symmetrical clipping, the thickest of the three, fast and rich with even harmonics.                                                                                                      

Clipping 2: asymmetrical clipping which reproduces a final decoupled valve stage adding odd harmonics, for an open and aggressive distortion at the same time.

Clipping 3: light symmetrical clipping, for a particularly impressive distortion with a noticeable volume increase compared to Clipping 1. 

Even in the most extreme setups, the optimum quality of every detail grants an optimal signal to noise ratio. For an higher versatility, a circuit activated with a switch increases the response of the low frequencies without changing the rest of the sonic spectrum.

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