Armas Mercury SEM

The guitar world in one rockin' package! What's so special about the Armas Mercury SEM Guitar? The low price for a hi-quality guitar, made with a premium basswood body, bolted maple neck, smoot..

372,00€ Veroton: 300,00€

Austin Gold Overdrive

Brush the dust off your boots and get ready to plug into one awesome Overdrive pedal with Rocktron’s Austin Gold. Want to breathe new life into your amp? Grab the Gold! Within the eye-popping go..

62,00€ Veroton: 50,00€

Cicognani Indy 800H head, ex demo

Cicognani Indy Bass Amp 800H, ex demo, special offer.The INDY Series Bass Guitar Amps feature Hybrid Circuitry Design, combining a Class A tube preamp with a Class D power amp. This hybrid technology..

446,40€ Veroton: 360,00€

Cicognani Indy 800H head, ex demo + Tribe (Frudua) kaappi

Indy Bass Amp 800H, ex demo, erikoistarjous sisältäen Tribe neo kaappi, voit vapaasti valita näistä kaapeista: Kyseessä ihan pro-tason tavaraa. Koska tämä tuotelinja poistetaan valikoimast..

545,60€ Veroton: 440,00€

Gurus Naked Mini 11-22W head

Gurus Naked Mini, intelligent Tube Guitar Amp. With Your Naked Mini You can choose if You want to use it with an ordinary effect pedals chain or expand the world of effects and modellings with ..

399,00€ Veroton: 321,78€

ManneDesign Newport 4R Gloss Black

ManneDesign Newport 4R Gloss Black The ManneDesign Newport 4R is a modern style bass, whose design came from the Italian factory Manne Guitars. With one P-style and a J-Bass pickup and its..

398,00€ 470,00€ Veroton: 320,97€

ManneDesign Ventura R Vintage white

Mannedesign Ventura R Vintage White This guitar is interesting not only for fans of the harder musical genres ... The ManneDesign Ventura has two humbucker pickups with many different and useful..

279,02€ 348,00€ Veroton: 225,01€

Ashdown AAA - Five 15 BB Head 220w, 2015 malli

Ashdown AAA - Five 15 BB 220w head, Hi & Lo Inputs, AppTek Ready We've always been committed to great practise amps, but with AAA we've taken the concept to a whole new level. A..

285,00€ Veroton: 229,84€

Ashdown NM2 - Nate Mendel Double Drive

Ashdown NM2 - Nate Mendel Double Drive Designed from the ground up for Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters, the NM2 is a unique professional dual distortion pedal capable of driving a stereo rig fo..

129,00€ Veroton: 104,03€

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