Hayden amplifiers

Hayden Vanquish 30w head

Hayden Vanquish 30w head, 4 x EL84 tubes Inspired by the best British valve amps of the 60s and 70s, Hayden’s Vanquish is a truly timeless rock guitar amplifier head that delivers more tone tha..

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Hayden Vantage C112-684 1x12” Combo

Hayden Vantage C112-684 1x12” Combo Hayden Vantage C112-684 is a 1x12” Combo fitted with a single Celestion Creamback G12M as standard, however the combo’s speaker can be switched to a Jenson u..

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Hayden Vantage-684H 45w head

Hayden Vantage 45w head, 6 x EL84 tubes Hand made in England and wrapped in sumptuous custom covering, Hayden’s Vantage series of valve amplifiers provide unmatched tonal versatility with an un..

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