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D'ORAZIO Electric Guitar Stainless Steel wound

STAINLESS STEEL WOUND super bright e extra powerful soundStaineless steel highly ferrous which creates a very strong magnetic field with pickup NICKEL FREEHexagonal steel core, winding steel nickel fr..

7,45€ Veroton: 6,01€

D'ORAZIO Electric Guitar, Nickel plated steel wound

D'Orazio strings sound very articulated and are super powerful. NICKEL PLATED STEEL WOUND very present sound, slightly soft and round, but at the same time powerful.High percentage of iron which ..

7,45€ Veroton: 6,01€

D'ORAZIO Electric Guitar, Pure Nickel wound

PURE NICKEL 99% WOUND very soft and midrangey sound. Strings recommended for semiacoustic guitars with round sound.Iron present only in the steel-core which creates a regular magnetic field with the p..

9,95€ Veroton: 8,03€

D'Orazio FABIO MARIANI signature

Strings sound very articulated and are super powerful.    FABIO MARIANI signature ELECTRIC GUITAR Stainless Steel Semiflat Wound  010 013 017 026 036 046   ..

14,90€ Veroton: 12,02€

D'Orazio Jazz pure nickel - Smooth Surface

ELECTRIC JAZZ GUITAR PURE NICKEL 99% WOUND Flat wound, specially formulated for jazz and fusion styles   Gauges: 011 015 022w 030 040 050 012 016 024w 032 042 052 ..

23,90€ Veroton: 19,28€

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