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Armas Celluloid Style 351, 6-pack

Gauges: Thin .018" (.46mm), Medium .028" (.71mm), Heavy .038" (.96mm) X-Heavy .048" (1.22mm) Colours: Black Pearloid, White Pearloid, Blue Pearloid, Red Pearloid, Green Pearloid, Purple Pearlo..

7,50€ Veroton: 6,05€

Armas Delrin® Style 351, 6-pack

Delrin® Style 351 Ultra hard plastic which provides a slick stiff playing surface, excellent memory and instantaneous release. Packs: 6pcs blister pack ..

7,50€ Veroton: 6,05€

Armas PVC Style 351, 6-pack

Gauges:Thin .018" (.46mm), Medium .028" (.71mm), Heavy .038" (.96mm) Colours: Trasparent Blue, Trasparent Gold, Trasparent Sangria Packs: 6pcs blister pack ..

7,50€ Veroton: 6,05€

ChickenPicks Tritone III Series picks

Why ChickenPicks guitar picks…?? Above all, it is the material that makes a ChickenPicks® unique. This is a high-quality and highly-durable thermosetting plastic. It is an extremely hard subst..

6,20€ Veroton: 5,00€

DAVA Control Gels, 10-pack

10x Dava Control Gels Polycarbonate Material (Poly) Guitar Picks Plectrums These picks are not a 'soft gel' they are made from a very hard plastic. (Polycarbonate) 3 Assorted Colours Blu..

11,20€ Veroton: 9,03€

DAVA Grip Tips, 6-pack picks


9,00€ Veroton: 7,26€

DAVA Nickel Silver pick


2,80€ Veroton: 2,26€

DAVA Rock Control 6-pack

Dava Rock Control Picks feature a larger control area and insert molded tips for the best sound. Made from Delrin, a very smooth material that glides over strings for a fast action and is ..

7,90€ Veroton: 6,37€

DAVA Rock Control pick


1,50€ Veroton: 1,21€

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