Brunetti Amps

Brunetti XL R-Evo LTD

XL R-Evo LTD Brunetti celebrates 15 years from the first XL, one of our flagship products, by offering a limited edition in 50 pieces! XL R-EVO LTD is an updated and customised versio..

2 150,00€ Veroton: 1 733,87€

Brunetti Pleximan 50W/5W head

Brunetti Pleximan 50W/5W To celebrate 25 years of Brunetti, we wanted to design a new model that would make history in the world of guitar amplification. PlexiMan is the result of our efforts. Th..

1 338,00€ Veroton: 1 079,03€

Brunetti Wizard 6V6 35W head

Wizard 6V6 head Wizard… pure emotion! Thru this head you will be able to reproduce in sound every single movement of your fingers on the strings. Every touch will fill the air and you will be w..

2 644,99€ Veroton: 2 133,06€

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