Gurus Sexydrive

Great tone + incredible dynamic = sexy! SEXYDRIVE is the newest Boost/Overdrive made by Gurus: Thanks to his Twin Dynamic™ circuit, another of our innovation, it can reach unbelievable dyna..

173,60€ Veroton: 140,00€

Gurus Sexydrive MkII

Gurus Sexydrive MKII, ...The Old School More flexible and even more dynamic = sexier!The new Sexydrive MkII keeps all the same features of old Sexydrive, wich was appreciated as one of the b..

249,00€ Veroton: 200,81€

KOR Genius Overdrive

From light Drive to Overdrive more pushed Genius will express your wishes as the Genie of the lamp! Its secret lies in the control of Voice changing the voice of your guitar sounds warm and flu..

199,00€ Veroton: 160,48€

KOR Oracle Distorsion

DISTORSION / CRUNCH, based on a completely original idea and circuit (3 gain stages in series, as in HiGain tube amplifiers). FET input signal for a clear and defined sound with any pickup! Th..

199,00€ Veroton: 160,48€

LAA - Custom Acme Rocket

A Crunch Machine Experience   A unique pedal: a linear boost of 35dB combined with a slight overdrive to simulate an old amplifier to the bre..

189,00€ Veroton: 152,42€

LAA - Custom Blue's Devil

Overdrive with 3 level compression switch Pedal very suitable for boost channels to get saturated lead sounds or used on a clean channel allows for the full range of sounds ra..

150,00€ 189,00€ Veroton: 120,97€

LAA - Custom Gain Box

The Gain Box Distortion Distortion Addicted '70 and '80 crunch-lead tones Mid focused ..

189,00€ Veroton: 152,42€

LAA - Custom Pink Wall

Versatility.... - Muff redesigned by LAA-CUSTOM - Mid shape - Great Sustain - True Bypass   The Pink Wall lets get s..

189,00€ Veroton: 152,42€

LAA - Custom Rock Devil

An additional channel... The Devil Rock Pedal is the complement of the Blue's Devil has a flat EQ and a greater reserve of gain that allows him to be an&nbs..

189,00€ Veroton: 152,42€

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